More Family Time
Ride share drivers often times live in their cars due to the need to make money. We focus on enabling you to share Yiiri, make residual income and take some time off without losing income.

Eco Friendly
With a fleet of electric cars we make it easy to enable members to lease & drive.
Ride & Earn
Refer the Yiiri app to friends and earn a residual income on their rides.

Cash Business & Curbside
Drivers can capitalize on curbside cash pick ups.
Community & Giving Back
We plan to round up fares and donate to a cause that will help re-populate the Bee ecosystem.

Reasons to be a Yiiri Member

1- Yiiri cares more about members.
2- Yiiri offers surge limits saving member.
3- Yiiri’s pay plan rewards it’s hardworking drivers.
4- Yiiri pay plan pays members 24/7.

Get your Ping with Yiiri today!

Reasons to drive with Yiiri

1- Yiiri knows the day to day life and struggles of being a driver.
2- Yiiri drivers are key to our success.
3- At Yiiri we care about our drivers.
4- Yiiri pay plan rewards it’s hard working drivers.
5- Yiiri drivers can make full-time income while working part time hours.

Get your Ping with Yiiri today!